What is Project Nomad?

“Culture beats strategy so much that culture is strategy”

Seth Godin

Project Nomad is a group of volunteer Airmen and Guardians who provide organizational culture coaching at no cost to Air and Space Force units regardless of their size or duty location. Whenever we assist an organization, we train them on how to facilitate Culture Mapping sessions, we build their Culture Map Reportâ„¢, and we deliver coaching on how to create workplace cultures where people can thrive. If you would like a diverse team of Nomads to assist with your organization’s challenges then check-out our contact page and shoot us an email!

What can we help with?

  • Organizational Culture Coaching:
    • Culture Mapping
      • Human-Centered Mapping using Design Thinking
      • Survey-Based Mapping measuring Cultural Leverage Points
      • Human-Centered Analytics weaving qualitative and quantitate data together
      • Example Culture Map Report:
    • Shape your organization’s strategy in our Cultural Leadership Workshop
      • Develop organizational Mission, Vision, and Values
      • Develop organizational Objectives and Key Results (OKR)
    • Drive action using Agile Cultural Management
      • Set OKR minimum viable product targets
      • Segment the work into project sprints
      • Measure cultural changes using weekly Pulse Surveys
      • Develop stronger leaders using 360-Degree Feedbacks
  • Data Analytics:
    • Exploratory Data Analysis
    • Predictive Data Analysis