Elevate Your


Cultivate an optimized organizational culture through human-centered systems thinking


Acquire the information you need to create a workplace
ecosystem where people thrive

– through deliberate, iterative, and incremental change

Take your organization’s effectiveness to the next level.

Make good teams great!

What can Project Nomad do for my organization?

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Organizational Culture Mapping

Let us train individuals within your organization to facilitate small-group design thinking workshops repeated until meeting the statistically representative sample size to diagnose your cultural artifacts, values, and underlying beliefs

Organizational Strategy & Culture Planning Workshop

Strategy and Culture are two sides of the same coin and should be developed and managed together. We can train members within your organization on how to facilitate our 2-day workshops or fly a Nomad out to your planning event (unit funded).

Speaking Engagements

Are you looking for someone to present for your organization? We can lead interactive discussions for your members virtually or in-person (unit funded).

Project Nomad enagages with the people of an organization, hears them, and translates seemingly intangible information into data leaders can use to make decisions.

☆ Learn the underlying beliefs driving your organization’s cultures.

☆ Get organized and design a deliberate approach.

☆ Inspire your people.

☆ Take your organization’s output to the next level.

☆ Foster a safe, equitable, and inclusive environment.

Empower good teams to be outstanding!






Is Project Nomad right for my organization?

Is our organizational culture supportive for air and space force members?

Are we open to human-centered approaches to improve our culture?

Can systems thinking help improve our organizational culture?

Are we willing to work with an external company to improve our culture?

Are we committed to investing time and resources to improve our culture?

What can Project Nomad do for my organization?

▼ Organizational Culture Mapping

Excavate the underlying habitude, attitudes, behaviors, ideations, tendencies, and situations fueling your organization’s culture. Organizational Culture Mapping is a time-intensive, invasive process that extracts intangible information and makes it usable in leaders’ data-driven decisions. Project Nomad trains people chosen by an organization’s leader in Culture Map Facilitation and sends them into the organization to collect information from groups of 3-10 people. Once the facilitators rhea a statistically significant representation of the organization’s population, Project Nomad analyzes the data, publishes a Culture Map Report for the organization’s leader, and steps the leader through the observations.


Organizational Strategy and Culture Workshops

Receive intense facilitation that guides up to twenty people in designing a culture management strategy specific to an organization’s needs. Organizational leaders fund 2-3 Project Nomad Organizational Culturists to facilitate a 2-day design thinking workshop that produces a culture-focused plan.



Agile Culture Management

Allow Project Nomad to walk with your organization as you make changes to improve your organization’s cultures. Our Organizational Culturists will offer guidance to help you make iterative and incremental changes that have the most positive impact.

Be the change you want to see in your organization.

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