Service Packages

Project Nomad Service Packages

Organizations must take a proactive approach to manage culture effectively. Whatever the size of the organization, Project Nomad can assist in designing and managing organizational culture in a way that allows people to thrive so the mission can too.

Insight Assessment

A Project Nomad Insight Assessment is excellent for leaders new to an organization who want an idea of which cultural enablers and detractors may be at play or an outgoing leader who wants to present a beautiful gift to their successor.

  • Culture Consultation
  • Culture Locator Analysis
  • Culture Summary

Transitional Mapping Package

A Project Nomad Transitional Mapping Package presents leaders with essential decision-making information regarding an organization’s culture, arms leaders with the knowledge needed to manage that culture, and assists leaders in measuring the effects of adjustments they may make. This option is suitable for leaders who have at least a year remaining in their position and want to set their organization’s culture on a positive vector during their remaining time.

  • Culture Consultation
  • Culture Mapping Facilitator Certification
  • Culture Mapping
  • 4-Hour Organizational Culture Blueprinting Workshop
  • Micro-Survey Measurements for three months
  • Culture Coaching (Once per month for three months)

Transformational Mapping Package

A Project Nomad Transformational Mapping Package evaluates an organization’s culture, educates that organization’s leaders, walks the cultural journey with the organization for a while, and reassesses the organization’s culture to determine the effectiveness of the organization’s organizational management efforts. This option is optimal for leaders new to their position and who want to set a course for continuous organizational growth during their tenure.

  • Culture Consultation
  • Culture Mapping Facilitator Certification
  • Culture Mapping
  • 2-Day Organizational Culture Leadership Workshop
  • Micro-Survey Measurements for five months
  • Culture Locator Analysis (Six months after Culture Map)
  • Culture Coaching (Up to twice per month for six months)

Project Nomad Services

Consultation and Coaching

Culture Consultation
Connects a leader with a PN Culture Coach to dicsuss the leader’s perspective of their organization’s current culture and how Project Nomad can assist.

Culture Coaching
Aligns a leader with a PN Culture Coach for six months of monthly objective advisement sessions that focus on navigating and maneuvering an organization’s culture.

Culture Analysis

Culture Locator Analysis
Presents a virtual means of gathering culture-related data to determine the estimated location of an organization’s culture.

Culture Summary

Provides estimative insight into an organization’s culture. It includes an organizational culture profile, a desired cultural state comparison, and just-below-the-surface conclusions on human factors affecting an organization’s culture.

Culture Mapping

A combination of virtual data-gathering and human-to-human interaction to dive deeply into an organization’s culture to evaluate HABITS (habitude, attitudes, behaviors, ideation, tendencies, and situations) that form the foundation of an organization’s culture. Project Nomad Culture Mapping then goes even deeper to extract variables that enable and detract from an organization’s desired cultural state. 

Micro-Survey Measurements

A post-Culture Mapping tool to capture precision snapshots of cultural movements within Leverage Points to inform leaders of their decision-making effects.


Culture Mapping Facilitator Certification

a 4-hour course that teaches select members of an organization how to gather, compile and submit data that facilitates the Project Nomad culture mapping process. 

(Coming Soon) Culture Data Analytics Certification

the culmination of a 6-hour course that teaches proficient data analysts how to read and measure Project Nomad data.

(Coming Soon) Culture Coach Certification

a result of completing a robust training, education, and development regimen comprised of 40 instructional hours on Project Nomad philosophies and techniques, 20 hours of in-tandem coaching with a Project Nomad Culture Coach, and 10 hours of in-tandem culture analysis with a Project Nomad Data Analyst.