Culture Mapping Facilitation Guide

This guide is meant to be referenced by trained Culture Mapping Facilitators. If you are unfamiliar with what Culture Mapping is or what deliverables are required then please reference the Culture Mapping page.

Materials Required:

  • Two Facilitators, one to lead the discussions while the other inputs responses into the Culture Mapping Response Form
  • Culture Mapping tool with question prompts printed out. PDF can be downloaded from the link below
  • Post-it notes, at least one full pad with at least 100 notes, or up to six individual pads with at least 30 notes each.
  • One-to-six Dry Erase Markers
  • QR Code for Cultural Assessment (printed out)
    • Example Cultural Assessment using Google Forms: Link
  • QR Code for Culture Mapping Response Form (printed out)
    • Example Culture Mapping Response Form using Google Forms: Link
  • Tablet or Laptop for inputing Culture Mapping Response Form entries

Pre-Culture Mapping Session Prep:

  • For the team you will be facilitating the Culture Mapping session, ensure their leadership completes the “Cultural Leadership Focus Form”
    • Example Cultural Leadership Focus Form using Google Forms: Link
  • Work with the team’s point-of-contact to determine how many Culture Mapping sessions are needed for the team, where the team can meet to run the session(s), and what time the team is available
    • Sessions have a max participant cap of six members and a minimum of 3 members
    • Sessions should be separated by rank tiers unless it can’t be avoided due to the minimum requirements outlined above
    • TSgts and above are considered Flight leadership and will not participate in the in-person Culture Mapping sessions but are asked to complete the Cultural Assessment on the same-day as the in-person sessions

Culture Mapping Session:

  • Welcome participants and explain what Culture Mapping is and why it’s important
  • Using the printed out QR code for the Cultural Assessment, instruct participants to use their phones and the QR code to take the Cultural Assessment
  • Once all participants have completed the Cultural Assessment, inform the members that the formal Culture Mapping session is about to begin and that everyone is encouraged to follow the question prompts as authentically as possible while understanding that the facilitators are mandatory reporters
  • Facilitator 1: use the Culture Mapping tool with question prompts to begin the Culture Mapping session
  • Facilitator 2: use the tablet or laptop (phones will work but are not recommended) to transcribe the post-it notes being placed onto the wall into the Culture Mapping Response Form–inject as needed to ask clarifying questions in order to more accurately transcribe the data

Post-Culture Mapping Session:

  • Take a picture of the post-it notes on the wall
  • Transcribe the post-it notes on the wall onto the “Blank Culture Map Template v1” PowerPoint slide. Template can be downloaded from the link below
  • Email both the picture and PowerPoint slide to the team’s or unit’s point-of-contact within 48 hours of the Culture Mapping session