Organizational Culture Mapping

Our design thinking workshops assess an organization’s shared artifacts, lived values, and underlying beliefs across operations, administration, quality of life, etc., for each subculture within the organization, identifying challenges holding the organization back. Certified military members are eligible for the Culture Mapping Facilitator SEI (9IB /SB – October 2024) and the Design Workshop Facilitator SEI (9I1 – April 2024).

Social Network Analysis (SNA)

Initially leveraged within the armed forces by the special operations community to hunt terrorist networks, we have custom-built our algorithms to identify informal leaders and members within mathematically unstable workplace social structures. We enlist these informal leaders in organizational change initiatives and provide preemptive resilience support to isolated or disconnected members. Moreover, SNA enables leaders to better understand how information flows within their organization through both formal and informal networks.

Strategy Through Culture Workshops

“Strategy and Culture should eat breakfast together” – Melissa Daimler. Our 2-day workshop enables organizations to develop and shape their operational and cultural objectives together, using our six cultural leverage points with representation from across the entire organization and each rank tier. Certified military members are eligible for the Organizational Strategy and Culture AdvisorSEI (9IC / SC – October 2023).

Executive Culture Coaching

Team up with a Nomad coach to guide your organizational culture change initiative using our six levers of organizational culture model. Furthermore, we assist organizations in incorporating measures of success and minimal viable solutions into their operational and cultural objectives. This approach deliberately sets waypoints where the human-centered strategy can pivot in response to the real-world environment.

Professional Development Workshops

We offer advanced training on organizational culture, including our 3-hour Foundations of Organizational Culture workshop and customized training sessions. Additinoally, we offer virtual and in-person training for organizations preparing for culture or organizational change initiatives for our Culture Mapping Facilitator course (6 hours) and our Organizational Strategy through Advisor course (8 hours). Contact our team to schedule your training at

Speaking Engagements

Our team of professionals can also support both in-person and virtual speaking engagements for organizations. Please note that the hosting organization is responsible for funding all in-person travel expenses

Organizational Design Consultation

Work with our team to map key practices, processes, procedures, policies, and organizational rituals related to mission accomplishment. We will then assist in improving the existing structure or make recommendations for new organizational structures.

Our Story

Project Nomad’s core team is a small group of talented volunteers with a wide range of skills and experience. Furthering organizational culture tradecraft is what we love. If you have the same calling, contact us to learn how to become a Nomad. We’d love to meet you!

Barb, Research Lead Veronica, Operations Aidan, Human Integration Liam, Data Engineer Kristina, Development Alan, Technology Integration Kiara, Engagement Shannon, Lead Strategist

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