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How We Can Support Your Organization

Organizational Culture Mapping

We teach leaders how to leverage design thinking to assess their organization’s cultural artifacts, lived values, and underlying beliefs so that high-performing teams can reach even greater heights and teams facing challenges can address core issues, not surface-level symptoms.

Social Network Analysis

Originally used within the armed forces for hunting terrorist networks, we’ve custom-built our SNA algorithms to identify informal leaders and members with mathematically unstable workplace social structures. Enlist informal leaders in organizational change initiatives and provide at-risk Amn preemptive support.

Strategy Through Culture Workshops

Strategy and culture are two sides of the same coin and should “eat breakfast together” — Melissa Daimler.

Our 2-day workshop enables organizations to develop and shape their operational and cultural objectives together using our six cultural leverage points with representation across the entire organization and each rank tier.

Speaking Engagements & Professional Development

Project Nomad provides virtual training and professional development. Likewise, our professional volunteers can provide in-person training and development (unit funded). To schedule virtual training, please visit this page.

Where We Thrive

  • Identifying where positive, negative, and neutral cultural attributes reside within organizations.
  • Assessing each attribute’s artifacts, lived values, and underlying beliefs so that tailored development strategies can be more effectively leveraged.
  • Providing actionable insights that help high-performing teams reach greater heights and help teams in crisis get out of the crisis.

Why We Exist


We cultivate organizational cultures through systems thinking so people can thrive.


Serve with empathy and compassion
Be bold…strengthen people with candor
Be excellent…earn credibility

Who We Are

Project Nomad is a team of active duty and civilian professionals who volunteer their time to help organizations across the Air and Space Force build ecosystems where their Airmen and Guardians can thrive. The virtual support we provide to the Department of the Air Force is completely free, with in-person engagements being unit funded. One of our goals, as we scale, is to become an officially sanctioned program to reach even more organizations.

What We Believe

Organizational culture is a complex system of systems that interweaves humans with a shared purpose, habitude, attitudes, behaviors, ideations, tendencies, and situations, with the shorthand definition being “the way things are done” within the organization.

Our foundational academics are derived from peer-reviewed academic research by Professor Edgar Schein and Professor Boris Groysberg, with some of our go-to authors being Melissa Daimler, Daniel Pink, Daniel Coyle, Alfie Kohn, Robert Kegan, and many more titans within the behavioral science, organizational development, and organizational culture domains.

What Sets Us Apart

First: In line with Professor Edgar Schein’s teachings, when assessing an organization’s culture, we do not believe in relying on surveys as they are ineffective at measuring anything past surface-level cultural artifacts. Instead, we leverage interactive, small-group, participant-driven design thinking workshops repeated until meeting the organization’s statistically representative sample size to assess what cultural artifacts, lived values, and underlying beliefs are holding the organization back and driving it forward. We call these series of design thinking workshops, scaled using natural language processing, Organizational Culture Mapping.

Second: We believe that organizational strategy and culture are two sides of the same coin and should be assessed, designed, and managed together collaboratively with representation from the entire organization, not just senior leaders. To this end, we do not believe that organizational culture can effectively be delegated to a position or program, as it is inextricably linked to every action taken within the organization and is owned by every member. 

The Culture Lotus and the Six Leverage Points by Shannon Sutton