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How We Can Support Your Organization

Organizational Culture Mapping

We teach organizations how to leverage small-group design thinking workshops repeated until meeting the statistically representative sample size to diagnose the organization’s cultural artifacts (other survey methods stop here), lived values, and underlying beliefs–the culture so that high-performing teams can reach even greater rights and organizations facing challenges can address root-causes, not symptoms. Please visit this page to see a real-world example of a Culture Map Report.

Organizational Strategy & Culture Workshop

Strategy and culture are two sides of the same coin and should “eat breakfast together” — Melissa Daimler. Our 2-day workshop gets after developing the operational objectives and goals while also addressing the necessary processes, practices, rituals, and behaviors needed. Project Nomad workshops require representation from every team and rank tier to shape strategy and culture.

Speaking Engagements & Professional Development

Project Nomad provides virtual training and professional development. Likewise, our professional volunteers can provide in-person training and development (unit funded). To schedule virtual training, please visit this page.

Be the Change Your Organization Needs

Why We Exist


To cultivate and optimize organizational cultures through human-centered systems thinking


Workplace cultures where every Airman and Guardian thrives and maximizes their organization’s effectiveness


Serve with empathy and compassion
Be bold…strengthen people with candor
Be excellent…earn credibility

Who We Are

Project Nomad is a team of active duty and civilian professionals who volunteer their time to help organizations across the Air and Space Force build ecosystems where their Airmen and Guardians can thrive. The virtual support we provide to the Department of the Air Force is completely free, with in-person engagements being unit funded. One of our goals, as we scale, is to become an officially sanctioned program so that we can reach even more organizations.

How it Works

Every Unit Has Its Own Needs

Organizational Culture Mapping

  • 1) Consultation

  • 2) Culture Mapping Facilitation Training

  • 3) Organizational Culture Mapping

  • 4) Human-Centered Analytics

  • 5) Culture Map Report Debrief

Organizational Strategy & Culture Workshop

  • 1) Consultation

  • 2a) Option 1: Complete facilitation training (we virtually train your facilitators) or

    2b) Option 2: Assign a line of accounting to a Nomad facilitator (we facilitate your event)

  • 3) Facilitate Workshop

Speaking Engagements & Professional Development

  • 1a) Sign up for a scheduled virtual course from our website here

    1b) Virtual Option: Contact us to schedule a virtual professional development course or engagement for your organization or event (free)

    1c) In-Person Option: Contact us to schedule an in-person professional development course or engagement for your organization or event (unit funded)

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