Meet the core team


Project Nomad’s core team is a small group of talented volunteers with a wide range of skills and experience. Furthering organizational culture tradecraft is what we love. If you have the same calling, then contact us to find out how to become a Nomad. We’d love to meet you!


Coaching Liaison

Shana is a passionate people developer. She specializes in crisis counseling, humanitarian disaster response, human-centered design, high-performance coaching, and EQ-driven community relations. She loves to help teams navigate through the complexities of psychological safety, decision-making, and creativity. Shana focuses on developing teams of limitless innovators that can maneuver through ambiguous problems and win.



Kiara is an intrinsic thinker, typically gravitating towards the deliberate development of others. She has over 10 years of leadership and management experience and believes in granting personnel opportunities that will, in turn, sharpen their competence and confidence, which is key to the success of any organization. Kiara is passionate about empowering others and cultivating an environment (culture) for them to thrive while minimizing barriers in their journey.



While also being a full-time dog mom, Jessica has over ten years of leadership and management experience. As a culture coach, she is obsessed with assisting organizations through the journey of diagnosing and shaping their culture.



Zach is a data-loving, innovation-obsessed, and organizational structure enthusiast who doubles as an Air Traffic Controller and Monday morning quarterback.  He uses his 10 years of leadership experience and passion for energizing and improving each team he has the pleasure of working with or around. 


Technological Integration

Devin is a data analyst & computer programmer with more than 7 years of innovation experience. His passion lies in easing team burdens with automated/augmented solutions so they can meet their collective potential and more deeply enjoy their lives.


Human Integration

Aidan is a quiet nerd and culture coach with 12 years of small-team leadership experience and a passion for celebrating diversity and championing inclusion in the workplace. He is excited about helping others be who they deserve to be, including helping leaders know, participate in, and manage the culture of their organization



Kristina is passionate about helping individuals learn and grow to their maximum potential. Throughout her 12-year career, she has had the opportunity to work from the Strategic, down to the Tactical level and has used these experiences to better understand how teams work from the top down. Kristina is excited to help different units and organizations better understand how to work together to accomplish the mission!



John is a Data Analyst passionate about leveraging human-centered analytics and organizational design to build high-performing teams. It’s not just about analyzing data or just being a charismatic leader, but weaving the two together #GreenBlue #FourLenses.



Shannon is a lover of life with more than 20 years of leadership and management experience. He dwells within his passion for helping people become the best humans they can be, which feeds his love for helping organizations reach their full potential by creating work environments where people can thrive.

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